Case Study: South Lanarkshire Adult Protection Committee

The South Lanarkshire Adult Protection Committee is an organisation setup to support and help vulnerable adults in the area. They provide much needed strategic coordination bringing together local public services, the police, council, NHS etc.

Working closely with the council’s social work department and presenting to the executive committee we were able to get to identify what was the most important of the website should be:

  1. To allow vulnerable adults to get immediate assistance if they are in need of protection
  2. To allow anyone to quickly and easily report abuse
  3. To provide carers with help and advice
  4. To provide professionals instructions on how to deal with adult protection issues

Branding had been provided by the Council’s graphic department and we worked closely with them to develop a digital brand. Building a fully responsive site we made the content engaging on all devices and ensuring that important telephone numbers are always prominent while accessibility was always paramount.

It was a privilege to work on such an important and worthwhile project. The scope of the project was very wide and but always had users (vulnerable adults) at the heart of anything we did. Creating an accessible site that helps the people in most need was very challenging but very rewarding.