Case study: South Lanarkshire Council

South Lanarkshire Council is one of the biggest local authorities in Scotland serving over 300, 000 people. It covers a large geographical area which stretches from Scotland’s high populated central belt southward across rural communities down to the borders. Website have become a crucial cost saving tools in the current financial crisis and council tax freeze for all local authorities but due to its diversity it is even more important for the residents of South Lanarkshire.

The most used service the council provide is bin collection. Due to its importance a lot of time and money was spent on informing people of when there bin would be collected. Therefore as part of the redevelopment of the new site it was important to come up with a clear and succinct way of displaying bin collections on a responsive site.

Working closely with the council’s cleansing department we were able to come up with a self-maintained colour coded bin collection calendar, based on a calculation of the current date. Using the same calculation a pictorial summery of the current week was generated using the same colour coding as the calendar. This was developed further to a street directory providing an individual weekly summery and the day on which the bin would be collected.

Bin collection may not be particularly glamorous but is a vital service that the council provide. As a result of our development enquiries about bin collection has shrank and the bin collection calendar page is consistently one of the most visited pages on the site. This work contributed to South Lanarkshire council winning an award for ICT excellence in mobile development by the Scottish Government and listed in the top 20 local government sites by SOCiTM.

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